Give Your Feet a Winter Makeover

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Last spring you probably made sure your feet were ready for the summer. You clipped, buffed, polished, and maybe even had a pedicure. Your feet looked fabulous! Now that fall is here and winter is fast approaching, your feet need another makeover.

Spending the summer in sandals and flip flops is tons of fun, but it can wreak havoc on your feet. Most likely, by the end of summer, your feet are dehydrated and your soles are rough from playing on the beach and swimming in chlorinated pools. Not to mention that blemished zone between your toes where the sandals and flip flops pinched all Summer. Your once sexy feet are now screaming for some winter preparation during the day and at night.

Before heading off to work, and after showering, spend a few minutes preparing your feet for the day. Apply an effective moisturizing lotion to your feet to keep them hydrated. Then, apply an invigorating foot spray with refreshing effects to wake them up. Sometimes you can find an invigorating foot lotion that also moisturizes. Mint is a great scent for waking up for feet with a little tingle and it will have an overall aromatherapy effect on your senses as a whole as you apply it to your feet.

During the day, at least once a week during the winter months, peel your soles. Over the course of winter, dead skin will build up on the bottom of your feet and especially your soles to create a callused and hard skin look. This can be controlled and sometimes altogether eliminated by "peeling" the hardened skin off. This can be accomplished a different ways. You can use an effective scrub in the shower like sugar scrub, salt scrub, or apricot scrub. If you need to be a little more abrasive to see the effects then get a foot peeler from the beauty store. They should have several different kinds to choose from.

At night time, when your feet need relief from the winter day's work, pamper, pamper, pamper! The effects of taking care of stressed feet are huge. You can avoid foot pain, foot injury, clauses, cracked heals, and disease, just by paying a few minutes of attention to your feet at night. Start by treating yourself to a mini spa at home. Draw a warm bath and dissolve some Dead Sea bath salts or scented bath fizzies into the water. This will soothe, calm, and deodorize your feet all in one.

Massaging your feet is also an effective night time ritual. Using massage oil or a repairing cream, gently rub your feet all over including between your toes and around your ankles. This will be most effective after a bath or a warm foot soak when the muscles and tendons in your feet are in a relaxed state. This will banish all stress buildup in your feet, keep them moisturized, and help you get an extra good night's sleep.

These day and night rituals will help your feet feel fabulous through the harsh winter months. Here are some extra tips to help them look sexy too. Don't forget to buff your toe nails before applying polish. The nail polish will look smoother and last longer on a buffed nail. If you experience any yellowing on your toe nails, use an anti-yellowing base coat before applying the polish. Keep those long toe nails cut back short during the winter. This will prevent ingrown toe nails and sore toes from being shoved in boots and closed-toe shoes all winter.

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Give Your Feet a Winter Makeover

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This article was published on 2010/12/10