Healing the Feet with Orthaheels

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Orthaheel sandals are slippers and lip flops designed for both men and women.  They are of different styles and colors. They are mainly made to give the wearer a high performance especially if they are athletic, heel plantar Fasciitis and pain, realign the body by giving it stability and support, complement on the healing process of Orthotic and mitigate excessive pronation.

There are many reasons why Orthaheel work.  This is because the way our feet are designed, they should walk on natural and soft surfaces such as sand, soil or dirt.  However, due to the change of times, people spend so much time overworking their feet with walking, standing and running up and down on very hard and un-natural surfaces.  This has a result made so many of us develop different feet injuries and pains.  What we put on our feet and the surfaces we walk over flattens our arches.  In the end, it results to plantar Fasciitis, which disrupts the function of the knee by increasing its pressure.  These sandals are therefore specially designed with an arch supporter that makes the healing faster.

The orthaheel sandals have been designed with an Orthotic support system for comfort and they enhance the healing process.  When worn, the strap and toe post makes the feet comfortable and give them support and stability to enhance quick feet and knee recovery.  They have been mad in such a way that they can reduce the stress levels on the feet, knees and ankles and at the same time, absorb shock.

Theflip flops and sandals are made using neoprene for the inner lining, an upper of mesh web, TPR sole and an EVA footbed.  They are also very easy to clean-wiping with a wet cloth and letting them to dry.

The sandals are very attractive to look at and very comforting to wear whether you have been having feet problems or not.  They alleviate feet problems and reduce the chances of getting them for those who are fit already.  This is because most of the joint problems that we may have been caused by our foot wear and wrong foot positioning.  The sandals have been designed by reputable and practicing podiatrists.  They have the ability to control pronation that is in excess.  They are able to re-align back the feet to their normal positioning.  Proper feet positioning corrects the general body posture and as a result, all the joint and muscle complaints that may have been experienced before.

Orthaheel inserts can be used when wearing other closed shoes.  For women who put on high heeled shoes, they can use an extended slimfit.  The slimfits are designed with a cushion ball that relaxes the feet.  A regular slimfit is used for all shoe types; a sport slimfit for athletes, slimfit for all ladies shoes, extended slimfit is specially meant for high heels, a golf slimfit is used for all golfing shoes while a workforce slimfit is designed for work and hiking shoes.

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Orthaheel and Orthaheel Sandals are manufactured to realign the feet back to their normal position and to give the body back its posture.

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Healing the Feet with Orthaheels

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This article was published on 2010/11/12