Kiss Dry Feet Goodbye

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Even though they are the most used part of our body, our feet are also the most neglected when it comes to skin care. Whether this attitude may be because we constantly keep them safe on our favorite footwear or because they are not as exposed just like our face, correcting it is a must if you want to keep a healthy pair of feet. Taking care of our feet, in fact, should be one of the top most priorities when it comes to body care because it is the part that is mostly kept enclosed, making it prone to the development of bacteria or diseases. Problems such as dry feet can also cause extreme uneasiness if we keep them unchecked and develop into cracked heels.

This problem of dry feet is probably one of the most common foot problems suffered by a majority of individuals. Our feet, just like other parts of our body, need to constantly shed dry skin so that a new layer of healthy epidermis can grow to replace it. Unfortunately, full exfoliation does not happen alone and the individual should exfoliate routinely to keep himself from developing dry feet. These can be done through the use of various foot products such as lotions, exfoliating creams, and moisturizers.

Exfoliating dry feet is easy. All you need is to soak your feet in lukewarm water for approximately 2-3 minutes to loosen up the accumulated dead skin. Afterwards, apply and rub an exfoliating lotion on them using circular slow motions. Pay particular attention on areas like the crook in between the fingers and the heels because these are the parts where dry skin mostly accumulates. After application, rinse the feet thoroughly and dry them using a soft towel. Slather them with moisturizer to finish off. The moisturizer acts as a sealant so that the feet's moisture won't easily evaporate.


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Kiss Dry Feet Goodbye

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This article was published on 2010/09/17