Shoe Carnival: A perfect place to Choosing the Best Shoe for You

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Try comparing your feet with you siblings and observed that even if you are blood related with your sister or brother, your feet might have a little to no resemblance at all.  With this, you need to give time in choosing the best footwear that suits your need and comfort.  In this article, you will about to find out that there are different types of feet and needs different criteria in choosing the best shoes for your feet.

First, you need to know the basics about shoes before we go any further.  There are three main categories that you have to consider before buying any shoes. These are cushion which depicts the size, shape and design of foam for comfort and shock absorber of the shoe. The second one is stability which greatly varies to what type of foot you have. The last one is motion control is the mechanic part of the shoes that controls and assist the direction of the force and shock as you walk or run.
You will get to know this term more after you know what type of feet you have. Basically, you can get a lot of information about your feet and shoes during shoe carnival season where  most retailers showcases their best shows in rows and columns plus there are people in charge that will take the biometrics of your feet. Yes, this tool is called Wet Test where usually like a silicone-covered gel where you press both feet and upon releasing you will see an imprint left hind, hence, getting details about the shape and type of your feet.
If you would search the web, different types of feet will flood your search list but for this article, we will just focus on three most common types of feet and they are as follows:
    The Normal Foot
This foot entails a normal sized arch that has a flare but leaves the forefoot and the heel connect by a bridge forming on farther side of your sole.  A normal footing usually touched down with the outside of the heel first and rolls inwards to absorb the impact of landing the foot in the ground. 
    The Flat Foot
In this type of foot you can usually see a low arch and leaves a whole sole footprint in the wet test.  This is commonly found on over-pronated foot that walks on using the outside of the heel and rolls inwards excessively.  There are a lot of discomfort and complaints when wearing a wrong type of shoes. 
    High-Arched Foot
Foot print shows a narrow bridge connecting the forefeet and the heel.  The characteristics of this foot include a curved or highly arched foot that result in less absorption of shock during walking and running.
Now, that you know how to identify your the type and bio mechanics of your feet, try to talk to some experts especially in shoe carnival that can give you a lot of options using the three criteria aforementioned to get the best shoes perfect for your feet.
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Shoe Carnival: A perfect place to Choosing the Best Shoe for You

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Shoe Carnival: A perfect place to Choosing the Best Shoe for You

This article was published on 2013/09/03