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However, its a kind of nagging disorder that can cause excessive sweating even when you are calm and cool. For this, the affected person will not only be embarrassed in social events, but also affected by some severe skin diseases.

In most of the cases, the person who suffers from sweaty hands also suffers from sweaty feet. In the language of medical science this condition is termed as Plantar Hyperhidrosis. Excessive sweating can be as obnoxious as hand sweating and can cause serious problems in our everyday life. Your shoes can be wrecked, heels can be almost impossible to wear, sandals cannot be used, and fungal infection and foot odor can be so severe. However, it can cause marital problems as well. The distress and the odor caused by excessive sweating of feet can lead to some difficulties that are not generally familiar within the medical community.

As the sweaty feet cause lots of difficulties, you must have to find an exclusive sweaty feet treatment for this. First of all, you need to point out the reason of your smelly sweaty feet. You should know the way to fight against the bacteria that present on your feet. As the bacteria love soiled places, you should be cautious about the hygiene of your feet. As a result, this will radically trim down the presence of bacteria. For this, you can use an anti fungal cream as well as wash your feet with potassium permanganate in your daily foot bathe. On the other hand, the toxicity level of your body is a great factor as well. Lack of physical exercise and uncontrolled consumption of liquor and foods with higher fat can increase the toxins in your body. These are the primary things that you can easily perform to stop sweaty feet.

Still there are lots of things to be done to stop sweaty feet. If the situation getting worse day by day, then you must have to go to a renowned Physician for your sweaty feet treatment. Botulinum toxin injections are possibly the latest and the best treatment for the remedial of your sweaty feet. However, it is a very sophisticated treatment and may need to push thirty-six tiny injections into the skin of your feet and the soles as well. As this is the most recent treatment, you may not find this in the local hospital and need to seek the place where you can get this. If you are not interested about this, then you can go for the Anticholinergic drugs that block the activity of nerves responsible for excessive foot sweating. As this has some side effects, it would be better for you to go for the first one. If you read this article thoroughly, I think you have already got the things that you are looking for. So, why are you waiting for? Just do the things and make the end of your sweaty feet forever.
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Sweaty Feet

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This article was published on 2010/12/07